Too Young For Smartphones? Switch To Smartwatches!

Too Young For Smartphones? Switch To Smartwatches!


The internet is a hostile place, especially for the unsuspecting young ones. Today more than ever, smartphones had been part of our daily lives. Now that everything is done in our homes, both work and school activities, it seems like handsets are already a necessity. It is a parent’s fear and it has always been a debate whether or not children should have phones at a young age. These devices can indeed be helpful but it is worth mentioning the negative side of the story such as cyberbullying, uncontrollable screen time that may lead to addiction and several places on the web that aren’t child-friendly.

For parents who are still unsure about giving their children smartphones, worry no more! You have the option to switch to smartwatches instead of cutting off your little ones from smart technology.

Turns out that smartwatches are not only for adults. Some companies manufacture them specifically for kids to help parents monitor their whereabouts and keep kids exercising, entertained and many more!

A kid’s need for a smartwatch is completely different for everyone. Some kids want it for flexing their friends; some parents need it to track their kids as most of these smartwatches have a GPS and messaging feature that allows them to easily keep tabs on their child’s whereabouts.

One downside of technology is that kids no longer engage in physical activity. They would rather stay indoors all day and play video games than enjoy a game of hopscotch with friends. One type of smartwatch is focused on physical activity to encourage kids to get up, move and break some sweat. These smartwatches are equipped with a step tracker and alert the user to stand up for a few minutes once detected that they have been slouching all day. The fun part comes when goals are achieved as a celebratory message on the screen appears.

Some watches are built to teach kids the idea of responsibility by using customizable settings that allow you to set reminders of things such as house chores, homework, brushing their teeth, and bedtime. It is not only responsibility that is being taught here but also their management of time.

If all of the above-mentioned can be done by smartwatches, many may ask if they can also access social media; the very reason why parents are not giving their kids smartphones in the first place. Don’t fret! Unlike smartwatches for adults, smartwatches for kids don’t promote social media and don’t even have an option to connect to the internet at all.

If you reach this part of the article, you may now be considering getting your kids their smartwatch so here’s a curated list of 2022’s best smartwatches for ages six and up so far:


            Kurio V2.0 is pre-loaded with applications, games, and a camera for capturing images and video messaging. It can also be used to listen to music, track activities, as an alarm and as a stopwatch. It has also a calculator and a calendar installed. It is a fun smartwatch for kids who are just starting to learn technology. With a battery life of 3 days, this variant comes with different bands upon purchase.


            With a battery life of 8 days, this model uses a three-axis accelerometer and vibration motor that track steps and notifies the user to get moving. It allows kids to complete certain fit challenges and gets a celebratory message as a reward. Another plus is that this smartwatch can be synced to a smartphone so that parents can track their kid’s progress.



            With a battery life of ONE YEAR, yes you read that right! This smartwatch lasts a year and helps kids enjoy doing homework and chores and staying fit. As a reward for achieving goals, games and activities are unlocked together with different Disney characters! It has also a matching app that can be downloaded on the parent’s phone which will allow them to give personalized rewards to their kids. That’s not all, Garmin VivoFit Jr. 2 also counts steps and monitors sleep patterns.